About Us at Zed's Custom PC

Our Mission

 Zeds was built on one principle. That high quality, custom, gaming level PC's should be available to everyone. We are a company that caters to the gamer on a budget. We work hard to build, test, and support the best gaming vs budget PC's on the market. Using brands like AMD, ATI, Asus, Mushkin, XFX, and others you know and trust, we can give price vs. performance gains you'd have to be a technical specialist to assemble and use. At Zeds, we take all the work out of it and simply provide you with a gaming system you can compete with the best gamers in the world with. We will build, test and benchmark every PC we sell with a warranty that says it all. If any part of your new system fails in the first year, we will replace the part for free.
    We ourselves are avid gamers in the fps (first person shooter) games and we know how frustrating it can be trying to find or build the right configuration for your personal needs. Being gamers AND builders ourselves gives us unique insight into how to build a gaming system without killing your wallet.
    We will strive to stay ahead of the curve in new technologies that emerge over time to keep us on the cutting edge of gaming to provide you with the newest and best technologies available.
    We think community involvement is important too. Our goal here is to stay informed and involved with the gaming community. Look for our members on your favorite servers and forums! Our presence should be one that benefits the gaming community by giving access to experience in gaming and computers and the relationship they have that dates all the way back to the Comodore 64 playing Asteroids, Defender, Galaxia etc. so feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable staff just about anything to do with gaming. 
Thank you for visiting our site. Let us build you a computer today, Zed's Way.